Three celebrities remained in the competition heading into Wednesday’s finale of Fox’s surprise reality hit The Masked Singer: the Bee, the Monster and the Peacock. And while the celebrity judges managed to guess the identities of some of the contestants early in the season, they were stumped by the Monster throughout. Ultimately, that mystery — combined with plenty of excellent performances — tipped the competition in his favor and Monster was crowned the winner.

Monster, aka singer-rapper T-Pain, beat out Bee (Gladys Knight) and Peacock (Donny Osmond) to become the first-ever winner of Fox’s The Masked Singer. The star spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about his journey on the show, which judge he thought would guess his identity first and his airplane run-in with fellow competitor Joey Fatone (aka Rabbit).

How hard has it been to keep this a secret?

Not too difficult. Between family and friends and stuff like that it hasn’t been too difficult. But just the internet every week and you see your Twitter blowing up every time the show comes on. I may not be able to watch the show and a lot of people were spoiling it for me because I didn’t know who anybody was at the time. That part was difficult, but with friends, I’m pretty good at not telling them shit about anything.