Street Fighter – Fails Compilation

Street Fighter 4 gave us some of our fondest fighting game community memories over the years, and so when we saw that The BEAST had gone through one of the absolute most hype EVO top eight brackets for highlights, we just had to share.

Blast back to July of 2015 and the very last EVO to feature SF4… and what send off it was. This top eight bracket featured the likes of Tokido, VP|Momochi, CYG|GamerBee, FOX|NuckleDu, Infiltration, AiAi, CYG|PR Balrog and Liquid|Nemo.

These matches were filled with intense sways of momentum, and truly saw eight of the absolute best players in all the world face off against each other at the top of their game.

There are more than a few amazing moments from this compilation, as Tokido tries his best to dissect a relentless Momochi, Infiltration uses his seemingly bottomless pocket of additional characters and plenty more.

This was also the EVO of Elenas, as it seemed every other top player brought out the character as a counter pick at some point. Those of you with HEALING! post trauma stress may wanna skip the bouts featuring GamerBee’s ever-filled life bars.

Get started with these two clips from PR Rog and Nemo’s jaw dropping set. This entire bout was riddled with a back and forth of fake outs and immaculate reactions, and both players get their respective times in the spotlight here: