Super Funny Videos Compilation Car Fail

I was abruptly taken out of my nostalgia when the blaring sound of a car horn filled my ears. It came from a black SUV directly behind me with a red headed, and rather large, man sticking half of his body out of the window screaming at me to go. I quickly looked ahead of me and saw that light had finally turned green, the giant semi was completely fixed in a lane, which gave me plenty of room to move forward.

As I shook myself back to reality, I began to drive. At this moment, little droplets hit my windshield and were almost immediately followed by huge globs of rain. The inevitable rain had come and I was, unfortunately, stuck in the middle of it. But, as I began to make my way down the street that lead to the bridge I needed to take home, I thought about all of the times I had been Katie’s crying shoulder, her supporter and “assistant” on her photo shoots. Images of all the good times we had hanging out, as well as the almost knock down drag out fights we had, swirled through my head. Their sequence seemed to be keeping perfect time with the whooshing sound of the rain and the crash of the thunder that followed. As these thoughts raced through my mind, I let out a big sigh to quiet my thoughts and whispered to myself “Goodbye Katie”.