Funny Fails VIdeos

Life is full of earnest attempts. Sometimes you’re trying to have a good time. Sometimes you’re trying to tie down a four-wheeler to a truck bed. Sometimes you’re just trying to joke around with your friends. With every attempt, there’s a possibility for failure, and these folks did not escape it.

They’re here! The very best videos of the week! From heartwarming moments to hilarious fails and cute pets, we have all of the Week compilation in Badshansi!

Here’s the best videos of the week! All the best wins, fails, funny viral videos and heartwarming moments from across the internet in one place!

It’s the end of the week, and you know what that means! We’re compiling the best videos and clips from the last seven days and serving them up in one glorious go. This week, we have some of the worst traffic you’ve hopefully never had to experience, some silly misunderstandings, and a whole host of crazy clips!

It’s easy to laugh at other people when they fail but when it happens to you it’s really hurts do you thing is it’s funny to laugh at other people.