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n a bone-chilling incident, at least a half a dozen people had a miraculous escape on Friday morning when a school bus’s brakes fail in the busy Andhra Pradesh’s Vijayawada road. The bus rammed three vehicles on the road and was inches away from crushing people under it.

However, this bizarre incident caught on the CCTV camera. At least three people were injured in the incident. In the video, it can be seen, a rickshaw and an autorickshaw had slowed down to turn right and the bus charges right into them and carries forward.

In the video, one can see a man and his motorcycle, apparently were hit just a fraction of a second before. Two men on the rickshaw carrying vegetables fall down on the road, the autorickshaw takes the brunt of the collision and turns turtle.

In the bus, school kids can be seen that slows down to a crawl after the impact but keep driving forward, comes to a halt some 50 metres down the road. However, No student was injured in the accident.

According to the CCTV footage, the accident took place at 8:20 am. The driver has been arrested.